“Echoes from the past” refers to hearing voices from the past.

No, not the strange kind of hearing voices. Nonetheless, it does involve listening to the voices of the past.

It refers to the study of history. No, not the dry, mundane study of history. I am referring to the study of history in order to learn from it how to live in the present and prepare for the future. Yes, experience is a wonderful teacher. We can, however, learn from the experiences of history. We can learn from those who have gone before – from their mistakes and from their successes. More than that, we can learn about God’s working in history. History is truly “His story.”

In the study of history we see God manifesting His glory, throughout time, in His creation. That alone should make the study of history worthwhile. And it is this – God’s glory – to which this blog is dedicated and designed.

Because there are so many echoes to be heard this blog is designed to bring some needed voices into the range of those who desire to hear them. This blog is also designed to speak to the present and thus, “reflections for the present.” Although most of us have nostalgic thoughts concerning the past, when the true reality of the past is discovered, who really wants to live in the past? This is especially true when we understand that God has made us for the present. So I plan to refer to the past in order to learn from, be challenged by, and to be inspired by it, with the purpose to live more God-centered and focused in the present.

God seems to have a purpose for allowing the echoes from the past to reach our ears in the present. Perhaps it would do us good to listen attentively.