Yes I have taken the liberty to confiscate my Dad’s password to his blog in order to write a post about my Daddy.

Yesterday was Father’s Day and it made me think about what a truly great Father I have. My Daddy is one of my greatest heroes! He has always been an encourager to me.

As I’ve grown up my Dad has raised me and my siblings with expectations that we know we’re expected to live by. So I always try to live up to those expectations so that I don’t disappoint my earthly Father or my Heavenly Father.

Before I became a Christian my Daddy was always the one I went to and talked with. He would pray with me and advise me to continue to ask the Lord to save me.

Now I love to help Daddy research things that he’s working on or just assist him in whatever he’s doing. Daddy has always encouraged me to challenge myself and learn new things. Just recently I’ve began reading Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem. I’m so grateful that Daddy has taken time to discuss certain theological things with me that I’m studying and might not understand without his help. Or he’s clarified certain points that I’m not sure I agree with Wayne Grudem about.

Over time Daddy has shared so much wisdom with me. I am so blessed that God gave me such a wonderful Dad. He is truly the greatest man in my life right now!

Thank you so much for the great influence you’ve been to me, Daddy! I love you so much! Happy late Father’s Day. 😀

Love your daughter,



You are funny, brave, fatherly, loving, caring, and smart! Happy Dad’s Day.

Love, Spencer

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! I love you! Sorry we got it in late. Your my best and only Father! Love, Andrew


I thank God that He has blessed our family with a wise father to raise our children. It has been so wonderful to see you undertake the seriousness of your calling in life to be a Godly father to our children. I have been blessed and encouraged by your example many times. It is a joy to follow your lead as you have so diligently mapped out a path for our family in this life. I know the lack of time spent with our family these last few years has been a constant source of struggle for you but because you trained us well we have survived and we are so glad to be able to spend more time with you. Even while you were hard at work on your studies we were reminded how diligent and disciplined you are. You even taught us through this. (It would of killed an ordinary man) 😀 I hope you had a good and restful Father’s Day. I LOVE YOU!