From an Associated Press article:

Two Saturdays ago, it totaled just three pages — the White House’s request for $700 billion to rescue tottering financial institutions by buying their devalued mortgage-related assets.

After an intense weekend of negotiations, the draft of the bailout legislation before Congress had swelled to 42 pages.

It was unclear whether it would expand still more as House leaders hunted for the votes needed to clear the bill.

The following Friday, after almost a week of marathon talks between Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and key lawmakers in both parties, the working version was up to 102 pages. It went down to defeat Monday in the House, mostly at the hands of Republicans.

Once the Senate was finished adding sweeteners Wednesday to entice reluctant House Republicans to change their minds and vote for the bailout, the bill heading for passage had grown to 451 pages.

In light of discussion concerning some of the silliness that had been inserted into the bill I posted the following as a comment on After the Handbasket:

This kind of stuff is lost on the Republicrats because on this point there is no essential difference between them. They have forsaken the principle. Once the principle is forsaken it is only a matter of negotiating the price. What will it cost to buy the needed votes in the House? We are about to find out. But no one should be in doubt about it: they will be bought – because they can be bought.

The following article illustrates what I’m talking about:

Piggy Pols in Hog Heaven with Pork-Packed Pact