I am involved in the start-up of a new church-based seminary in Northwest Florida. The following is some of the information we have released concerning the new seminary:

The vision for Ekklesia Theological Seminary was birthed out of the desire for theological education to be reconnected to the local church. Albert Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said,

The transformation of theology into an academic discipline more associated with the university than the church has been one of the most lamentable developments of the last several centuries.

Ekklesia Theological Seminary seeks to contribute to the reversal of this trend. Along with connecting the seminary to the local church, Ekklesia seeks to provide greater accessibility for those who formerly were not able to access such theological education. It has been pointed out that more than half of Southern Baptist pastors do not have a seminary education. Ekklesia seeks to address this need, not only for those of the Baptist persuasion, but also for those of various backgrounds.

Recognizing the need for a theological institute that can provide higher education in the Northwest Florida area, Harmony Ridge Baptist Church, in Pace, Florida, gives oversight to the new seminary, which will begin classes in the Fall of 2009. Men who desire to remain in this area can receive a quality theological education. This may consist of receiving a degree from Ekklesia or taking select courses. Instruction will be provided by local instructors, as well as quality teachers brought in from other locations.

The vision for Ekklesia Seminary includes the idea that theological training of the present and future leadership of local churches will bring a regional impact on churches as their leadership is better equipped for biblical leadership.

For more info go to EkklesiaSeminary.org