Samuel Blumenfeld writes a hard-hitting article in response to the passage of the health-care bill which he believes signals the end of the republic of the United States and ushers in a potentially dangerous socialistic agenda:

Non-violent, peaceful opposition is still a force to be reckoned with.

But socialists think otherwise. They believe in violent revolution, and the 20th century has shown how they will not hesitate to murder millions of people to carry out their plans for a coercive utopia. But Americans are loath to believe that any one among us would consider or condone such brutal massacres as a way of achieving political ends. But if you believe in man’s innate depravity, you will have no illusions about what some men are capable of doing.

Who would have believed that the civilized German people, with their universities, museums and opera houses, could descend to such barbarism under the Nazi government as to invent human extermination camps during World War II? So the impossible is not at all impossible.

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